MS Project 2016

Well MS Project 2016 has arrived and is being used by the brave. The Reports are a definite improvement. It is my experience that sometimes people learning MS Project do not have a formal background in the principles of Project Management. And this is a disadvantage for the person learning how to get the most from using MS Project.

PMP Exam Preparation Training

Formal Accreditation for Project Managers is now commonplace in most progressive business organisations. The PMI Accreditation PMP is without doubt the most popular Accreditation for Project Managers Globally and more importantly Ireland. It’s not an easy Accreditation to achieve. It requires proof of a College Degree PLUS 4.500 hours of practical Project Management experience PLUS 35 hours of Training PLUS approximately 80 to 100 additional hours of further Study PLUS passing the official PMI Online Exam via a Prometric Inc test centre (in Dublin it’s located on Barrow Street, Dublin 4, next to the Google Building). And by the way, it’s worth the effort, you won’t regret it!

MS Project Training

How is it that smart intelligent people find it so difficult to learn to use Microsoft Project efficiently, without some formal training. I think it is because most people think that MS Project should be as easy as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word AND when it it’s not they continue to use Project in a very basic way. Similar to driving a 5 gear car but not moving out of 1st gear.