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Microsoft PowerPoint training made simple

This Microsoft PowerPoint training course will expand on the user’s knowledge and show them how to create clean professional presentations using some of the advanced features in PowerPoint. Specially prepared exercises will help to consolidate how to use the new knowledge quickly and confidently.

Working with text slides

Designing effective slides • Creating a new blank presentation • Entering text in normal view or slide view • Moving the insertion point; Selecting text • Deleting text • Moving and copying text • Converting case • Importing text • Entering and editing text in outline view • Saving and closing presentations. Reordering and the Slide Sorter view. Formatting text slides effectively • Formatting text • Aligning text • Changing paragraph and line spacing • Changing bullet characteristics • Creating numbered lists • The Format Painter • Checking spelling • Finding and replacing Hiding slides • Working with Transition effects

Working with pictures and drawings

Inserting Clip Art objects • Drawing objects • Drawing AutoShape objects • Changing the properties of objects • Aligning and Distributing objects • Grouping objects

Using designs and templates

Using presentation templates • Using design templates • Adding footers. Working with the Slide Master • Working with the Title Master • Masters and design templates • Modifying slides based on the Slide Master • Creating your own templates

Creating a sophisticated slide show using Smart Art Animation and Printing slide hand-outs

Setting up a slide show • Delivering a slide show • Creating sophisticated custom animation effects using Smart Art

Printing Choices

Previewing the presentation in black and white • Creating and printing notes pages • Printing hand-outs

Working with tables and organization charts

Creating a table in PowerPoint • Changing table attributes • Creating an organization chart • Changing organization chart attributes

Creating Charts

The datasheet window • Entering and editing data in the datasheet window • The Graph Tabs • Choosing a chart type • Adding chart elements • Editing a chart • Inserting a chart into a presentation • Inserting a chart from Excel • Setting chart defaults

Understanding the Masters

It is amazing how many users of PowerPoint do not understand how the Masters are set-up and maintained.

Understanding the Presenter’s View

When delivering a presentation, the presenter’s view is a must know feature. There are some excellent features available in this view.


Learning how to create a professional presentation is relatively straight forward. However, learning how to deliver it professionally is much more difficult. You will learn how to deliver a professional presentation during this Microsoft PowerPoint training course.

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