Excel Macros / VBA

Microsoft Excel Macros / VBA training made simple

This Excel Macros / VBA training course has been specially designed for the advanced user who wants to make use of the more powerful facilities of MS Excel made available by Macros / VBA. The course explores VBA language and delegates will be encouraged to write code to ensure that future editing, amending and updating can be carried out.


Recording & Running a Macro
Relative verus Absolote Code ReferencesAssigning Macros to Buttons and Objects
Assigning a Macro to a Button or a Drawn Object on a Sheet
Assigning a Macro to a Button
Button Image Editor
Changing a Button’s Screen Tip

Editing Macros

Visual Basic Editor
Project Explorer
Procedures; Inserting Comments
Printing a Visual Basic Module

The Range Object

Cells & Range Method; Flexible Ranges
Virtual Worksheets; Range Contents

Workbooks and Sheets

Activating a Workbook / Worksheet

Objects, Properties & Methods

Controlling Objects with their Properties
Performing Actions with Methods
Performing Multiple Actions on an Object

Control Structures

Conditional & Looping Control Structures
Passing data between Procedures/Controls

Dialogue Boxes and Forms

Built-In & Predefined Dialogue Boxes
Custom, Worksheet & User Defined Forms
Adding Form Controls
Form Control Properties
Control & Dialogue Box Events
Displaying & Dismissing a User Form

Storing Information

Using InputBox / Using MsgBox / Using Variables

Debugging & Error trapping

Errors, Break Mode
Stepping & Error Handling

Worksheet & Workbook Events

Worksheet Object Events
Workbook Object Events

Function Procedures

Creating User Defined Functions

Appendix A – Naming Conventions

User Form Controls
Memory Variables
ANSII Codes/ MsgBox settings


The easiest way to learn Excel VBA / Macros is by attending a professional training course.

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