MS Excel

Microsoft Excel training made simple

MS Excel the popular spreadsheet from Microsoft, is designed specifically for the office environment. This Microsoft Excel training course is designed to give users an understanding of some of the more advanced features and functions within Excel and the advantages of using a powerful electronic spreadsheet. The course is entirely ‘hands on’, so those attending will get practice in using advanced features of Excel to manage, automate and customise workbooks.

Custom Formatting

Formatting Numbers;
Using Custom Formats
Custom Number/Date Format Codes
Using Conditional Formats

Working with Named Ranges

Creating Range Names
Using the Go To Command
Range Names in Calculations

Importing and Exporting Data

Using Paste Special
Object Linking and Embedding
Sharing Data with Other Applications
Importing a Text File into Excel

Templates and Add-Ins

Creating Workbook Templates
Custom Templates; Storing Templates
The Default Template

Working with Multiple Workbooks

Creating Custom Views
Creating a Workspace File
Using Workspace Files
Linking Workbooks
Creating Formulae to Link Data


Creating Hyperlinks

Data Validation

Setting-up Data Validation

Printing Workbooks

Printing Multiple Worksheets

Lookup and Reference Functions

Using the VLOOKUP Function
Using the HLOOKUP Function
Preventing LOOKUP Errors

Using Macros

Recording a Basic Macro
Running / Editing a Macro

Pivot Table & Charts

Creating/ Editing/ Printing Pivot Tables

Tracing errors



Many people have been using Microsoft Excel for years without any formal training, other than what they picked-up while at University and / or on the job. I know from years of teaching people how to use Microsoft Excel that they will become more efficient when using Excel after attending this training course.

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