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PMP Exam Prep training made easy

This PMP Exam Prep training course provides practical guidance on ways to effectively and accurately learn how to prepare for the formal PMI PMP or CAPM examinations. The examination is a comprehensive test of a person’s Project Management Skill Set based on the application of knowledge, processes, skills, tools and techniques contained within the PMBOK Guide – this knowledge is generally recognised as good practice. Which in turn means that there is general agreement that the application of the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques can enhance the chances of success for many projects.

Module 1 – Introduction

What is Project Management
Portfolio, Program and Project Management
Business Value
Role of the Project Manager

Module 2 – Organisational Influences and Project Life Cycle

Organisational Influences on Project Management
Project Management Processes

Module 3 – Project Integration Management

Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plan
Direct and Manage Project Work
Monitor and Control Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Close Project or Phase

Module 4 – Project Scope Management

Plan Scope Management
Collect Requirements
Define Scope
Create WBS
Validate Scope
Control Scope

Module 5 – Project Time Management

Plan Schedule Management
Define Activities
Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Activity Durations
Develop Schedule
Control Schedule

Module 6 – Project Cost Management

Plan Cost Management
Estimate Costs
Determine Budget
Control Costs

Module 7 – Project Quality Management

Plan Quality Management
Perform Quality Assurance
Control Quality

Module 8 – Project Human Resource Management

Plan Human Resource Management
Acquire Project Team
Develop Project Team
Manage Project Team

Module 9 – Project Communications Management

Plan Communications Management
Manage Communications
Control Communications

Module 10 – Project Risk Management

Plan Risk Management
Identify Risks
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Responses
Control Risks

Module 11 – Project Procurement Management

Plan Procurement Management
Conduct Procurements
Control Procurements
Close Procurements

Module 12 – Project Stakeholder Management

Identify Stakeholders
Plan Stakeholder Management
Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Control Stakeholder Engagement

Module 13 – The Standard for Project Management of a Project

Module 14 – Interpersonal Skills

Module 15 – Common Acronyms

Module 16 – Definitions

Module 17 – PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


The PMBOK Guide also provides and promotes a common vocabulary within the project management profession for using and applying project management concepts. A common vocabulary is an essential element of a professional discipline. The PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms provides the foundational professional vocabulary that can be consistently used by project, program and portfolio managers and other stakeholders.

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