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This Microsoft Project training course provides practical guidance on how to effectively and accurately transfer plans developed through Project Management Skills (PMP, IPMA or Prince2) into Microsoft Project. The software handles the complexities of multiple projects efficiently. And through the use of common resource pools and external dependencies controls resource over allocations.  Comprehensive detailed reporting is included. Updating of the project plan is streamlined. On completion of the course delegates will have acquired the skills needed to create executable project plans; analyse and adjust schedules with date, dependency and resource constraints; customize, print Gantt Chart views, reports; record and review task progress against the baseline. Participants will also acquire the necessary skills to customize and print high quality charts and reports for effective communication of project plans.

Module 1

Exploring the Project window
Working with project files
Closing project files and closing Project
Using the Tracking and Resource Management

Module 2

Working with tasks
Creating task lists
Modifying task lists
Creating the Work Breakdown Structure

Module 3

Scheduling tasks
Setting up task links
Working with advanced task options

Module 4

Managing resources
Working with the project calendar
Working with resources and their calendars Managing resource costs

Module 5

Finalizing the task plan
Finalizing schedules and setting the baseline Resolving resource conflicts

Module 6

Filtering and Grouping
Working with filters
Working with groups

Module 7

Tracking project work
Setting and Editing the baseline Updating the progress of tasks Viewing task progress

Module 8

Analyzing and adjusting schedules Analyzing schedules
Rescheduling the Project
Adjusting resource schedules

Module 9

Formatting and printing
Formatting a project file
Printing views and reports Customising reports

Module 10

Project communications
Working with hyperlinks
Using the Camera option

Module 11

Managing multiple projects Consolidating and sharing projects
Sharing resources across projects

Module 12

Customizing the project
Creating custom views and Traffic Lights


Most people do not realise that Microsoft Project is a relational database. And that explains why many people misunderstand, how easy it is to use Microsoft Project effectively and in an efficient manner. This Microsoft Project training course will save you time, if you are a using the software application.

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